Carron Basketball Nets

Carron Nets

 Original Absolute Anti-Whip Pioneered by Carron Nets,  the original Anti-Whip design is the very best for Professional, College  and High School team use. The top half of these nets are made of  durable fibers encased in tough 100% nylon and prevents the net from  whipping up on the rim. The lower half of the net is our strongest  cotton (net #10200) or nylon (net #10201). Use on all no-tie hoops.  


10200 - Anti Whip net with #144 cotton    $24.00  pr.         

10201 - Anti Whip net with braided nylon $19.00  pr.  

 Hour Glass nets are proven stronger and  longer lasting than other nets. CARO-NETS are available in heavy-duty  braided nylon, braided polyethylene and several weights of cotton. For  use on no-tie and ordinary hoops. 


10202- Net heavy-duty braided nylon           $11.00 pr.     

10203 - Net with sturdy #120 cotton             $21.00

10204- Net with extra strong #144 cotton   $22.00 pr.       

10207 - Net with white braided nylon           $7.50pr.  

10209 - Net with 5mm white polyethylene  $6.00 each 

10208 - #12 galvanized steel chain net        $9.00each

Basketball Goals & Backboards

39661 Pressure Flex Moveable Goal

Flex Goal

Designed to last with  consistent rebound and aggressive slam- dunk play. Durable 5/8" solid  steel High quality baked powder coated finish. Shock absorbing mechanism  enclosed within a formed steel cover. Meets specifications for movable  goals. Complete with heavy-duty Synthetic net. $162.50  

39159 Dura Goal I

Dura Goal

Durable steel ring with 5/8" top and 1/2" bottom.  Twin brace bars are 1/2" top and 3/8" bottom. Powder Coated Finish. 12  no-tie net holders. Synthetic net is included. $99.00  

39158 BG-2

Douglas Dura Goal

 Single 5/8" solid steel ring. 1/2" V shaped steel braces. Powder Coated  Finish. 12 no- tie net holders. Nylon net is included. $69.00  

39157 Dura Goal II

Chain Goal

 Durable steel ring with 5/8" top and 1/2" bottom. Twin brace bars are  1/2" top and 3/8" bottom. Powder Coated Finish. Bottom ring is indented  to allow steel net to be fastened to the goal using "s" hooks. Steel net  is included $99.00 

39165 Fan Shaped Steel Backboard (FST)

Fan Shape Steel Backboard

 39" x 54" official size steel backboard. Heavy-duty mounting support  structure. Official orange shooter's square. Durable 12 ga skin,  heaviest backboard of it's type. Graffiti-resistant, white powder coated  finish. 5" x 5" goal mounting pattern Standard 20" x 35" fan-type  backboard mounting holes. Ten year limited warranty. $450.00  

39166 Fan Shaped Aluminum Backboard (FAL)

Fan Shaped Aluminum Backboartd

 Extra  strength mounting support structure. Standard 5" x 5" hole pattern  Directly mounts to extension for increasedsafety and better rebound.  Comes complete with mounting hardware. 10 Year limited warranty $357.00 

39161 Rectangular Steel Backboard (RST)

Rectangular Basketball steel Backboard

 42" x 60" Playing surface. Made from heavy-duty 12 gauge steel. Extra  strength mounting support structure. White graffiti resistant powder  coated finish with official orange target. All edges are safety rolled  to eliminate sharp edges and to increase strength and rigidity. Directly  mounts to extension for increased rigidity and better rebound. Standard  5" x 5" goal mounting pattern. Comes complete with mounting hardware.  10 Year limited warranty $656.00  

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