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DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

Batting Cages

Batting Tunnel Frames

Batting Tunnel Frame


Batting Tunnel Frames

Softball Model 55' Baseball Model 70' & 75' (66214) $2,300.00

Constructed  with 4" square heavy-duty steel poles. Black baked-on polyester powder  coating finnish. Each pair of poles are reinforced using 13 gauge  galvanized steel cross bars. Unique design allows for the tunnel's nets  to be adjusted easily. System includeseverything to install and hang  net: chain, cables, hooks, collars, ground sleeves and C-snaps. 

Batting Tunnel Nets


 Professional 3.5 mm knotless  

 12'H x 12'W x 55'L (36038PP) $959.00 

    12'H x 14'W x 55'L (36036PP) $1,019.00 

    12'H x 12'W x 70'L (36033PP) $1,209.00 

    12'H x 14'W x 70'L (36035PP) $1,309.00  

    12'H x 12'W x 75'L (36034PP) $1,249.00  

 Collegiate 3.0mm knotless 

 12'H x 12'W x 55'L (36028) $659.00 

  12'H x 14'W x 55'L (36026) $729.00  

 12'H x 12'W x 70'L (36023) $819.00 

 12'H x 14'W x 75'L (36029) $959.00  

  12'H x 12'W x 75'L (36024) $859.00   

12'H x 14'W x 70'L (36025) $909.00 

Batco Portable Batting Cage

Batco Cgae

 Batco batting cages are the most versatile on the  market today. Fully made in the USA (Iowa), all of our cages are  produced with superior materials and cage setup is extremely easy.  Offering two sizes and great quality, our cages will suit all of your  batting needs for many years. The Batco cage can easily be folded and unfolded, like an accordion. After use, the Batco cage  can be folded to 18' wide, 12' high, and just 2' long in less than 5  minutes. To collapse the cage you need two players per arc (8 players  for the 54 footer and 10 for the 72') to slide the cage into storage.  

72' Cage w/both sets of feet        $4,890.00   54' Cage w/both sets of feet       $4,365.00   

Contact us for  Additional BATCO Pricing         

Big Bubba Pro Batting Cage

Big Bubba Pro Cage

The  choice of high school, collegiate and professional baseball programs.  Includes batting cage net, dark green vinyl skirt, and extra baffle net  behind hitter. Unit constructed of 2" heavy-wall aluminum tubing.  Heavy-duty weather treated #600 HTPP netting. Heavy vinyl coated nylon  skirt. Easy portability and collapsible design. Collapses to only 5'  high to limit storage space requirements. Two 16" pneumatic side wheels  and rear 16" pneumatics steering wheel make relocation simple. 42' of  ricochet cushion minimizes ball rebound and reduces damage to frame. Use  the coaches observation bar for stage elevated viewing. Dimensions:  18'w x 22' d x 12'h

Replacement products are available including: net, ricochet cushioning and dolly assembly.

#03106 --$4,299.00

Replacement net # 03107--$790.00 

Foldable Portable Batting Cage

Foldable Portable Batting Cage


Collegiate Foldable Cage

Extra  width to accommodate left or right hand hitters. Three 16" diameter 6"  hub, ball bearing, multi directional pneumatic wheels. The back wheel  features a unique lever device for easy mobility. Constructed of 2" o.d.  steel. Heavy-duty, 2.5mm, weather resistant polyethylene netting. Easy  assembly and disassembly.

Open dimensions: 16.5' w x 16.5'D x 11' H.

Folded dimensions: 16.5' w x 11.25'D x 3.75' H #03109 $2,960.00

Replacement net #03110 $900.00

Collegiate Fixed Cage #03111 $2,480.00 Replacement net for Fixed Cage #03112 $900.00

Batting Cages

TUFFframe Modular Outdoor Batting Cage


  TUFFframe™ Batting Cages stand up to it all. Features heavy-duty poles, prefabricated cables, and premium UV-treated nets to bring you the best hitting tunnels. 


  • Standard sizes: 70′ L baseball and 55′ L softball by 14′ W and 12′ H
  • Heavy-duty schedule 40 steel poles (see comparison image)
  • Cable offset units separate net from pipe
  • Premium UV-treated knotless nylon cage nets with end panel entrance
  • Pre-assembled overhead cables with quick link attachments for easy setup
  • Ground cables hold net to the ground
  • 12′ x 8′ net protector included

Available in Double (shown) and Triple Layouts 

Accessories also available

TUFFframe Elite Outdoor Batting Cage


 Raise and lower from the ground. No ladders… really. Setup and take down are incredibly easy with our simple-to-use winch system 

 The TUFFframe ELITE makes on-the-fly tensioning adjustments easy. The winch handles are removable so tensioning cannot be tampered with  by unauthorized personnel. With only three poles on each end, there are  no intermediate pipes or overhead structure to create a ricochet hazard.  Add optional grounds sleeves (1 per pole) to streamline installation. 

Setup and take down from the ground 

 No Ladders

  • Heavy-duty 4″ schedule 40 steel pipes and superior net.
  • Pre-installed overhead cables and net-stabilizing ground cables.
  • Multiple cage configurations — single, side-by-side, end-to-end.
  • 12′ x 8′ net protector included.
  • FUSElink Overload Protection protects your cage from unexpected overload from heavy winds, ice, etc.

BEACON Phantom Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage


 Features an easy setup in as little as 5 minutes and when this hitting tunnel is down, there’s nothing left hanging. Scroll down to learn about the Beacon Phantom Combo. Please indicate your Wall Span  


Phantom Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage

First you see it, then you don’t. The Beacon  Phantom Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage is so easy to set up and take  down, it only takes two people less than 5 minutes and when it’s down  you have nothing left hanging from the ceiling. Setup  is just three easy steps. Just connect the reach poles, lay out your  net, hoist and lock the halyards, and you’re hitting. Take down is just  as easy. Simply release the halyards, let the net drop, unhook the reach  poles on the opposite end and collect up the net,  Ships complete via truck and ready to install.

ABOUT WALL SPAN:  The Phantom hitting tunnel will work in most indoor spaces. The standard 70′ baseball batting cage works in spaces from 75’–110′  long. The standard 55′ softball batting cage works in spaces from 60′ –  95′ long. We can also easily modify the Phantom to fit spaces outside  these dimensions. 

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