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DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.
US Specialty Coatings

 US SPECIALTY COATINGS is one of only a very few paint companies that manufactures its own aerosol field marking paint DURASTRIPE, and bulk (5-gallon buckets) Acrylic Latex Field Marking Paint AQUASTRIPE. US SPECIALTY COATINGS, DURA STRIPE WHITE  aerosol line marking paint for athletic fields (is the brightest, most  durable and best preforming paint in the market) is available in 18  ounce and 26 ounce by weight FAT CANS (44% more paint per can). All US SPECIALTY COATINGS paints contain less solvents, lower VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), and more percent solids.  

 The Brightest White DURA STRIPE our best selling  aerosol field paint with superior hiding power and long lasting service  life. Available in the brightest white and 41 colors. * Non-clogging  cans that completely empty * Safe on all types of natural grasses &  synthetic turf * Proudly Made in the USA * Available in 26 ounce FAT  Cans (44% more paint per can) * Crisp, sharp lines  

Aerosol Paints



               DURA STRIPE aerosol field marking paint manufactured by USSC
is available in
over 100 VIVID colors. 

Dura-Strip Fat Cans


 Dura Stripe is also available in FAT CANS that contain 26 ounces by weight per can -- 44 % more paint. Fat Cans will fit and works in all USSC striping machines. 



 Formulated and manufactured by USSC, this  eco-friendly proprietary water-based formula is available in White and  15 vivid Colors. ECO-STRIPE athletic field marking paint is easy to spray,  environmentally safe, non-clogging and will not hurt, turn brown or kill  any type of natural grass. ES aerosol cans will spray sharp, bright  lines that will maintain good visibility. It's performance and quality  is above any other water-based marking paint in its category. If a more  durable paint is needed we offer our DuraStripe formulation. Our  universal " T " tip fits most machines and will spray a 2 - 4 inch wide  adjustable line. ES is also available in narrow spray pattern,  cylindrical " UMA " tips.  Convenient, Easy SETUP - Easy CLEANUP.  Water-based formulation. Safe, Low odor. Eco-Friendly, Economical, Cost  saving option. Use as line marking paint for all ATHLETIC FIELDS. Use as  out of bounds, drop zone markings on Golf Courses. Safe for use on all  varieties of Natural Grass. Use with USSC striping machines or Spray  Wand. Sprays an adjustable 2 - 4 inch Bright Stripe. Universal " T " tip  fits most machines 

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Aerosol Sprayers


Several models of Paint machines available:

SS8 Sharp Stripe 8 stripping machine with 8" wheels $105.00

SSAT Sharp Stripe 10 with big, foam ALL TERRAIN wheels $150.00   (pictured)

SS2CAT Sharp Stripe 10 AT sprays 2 cans at the same time $160.00 


Graco Sprayer


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Bulk Athletic Field Marking Paint for Natural Surfaces

 AQUASTRIPE has been America's choice for bulk athletic  field paint for more than 20 years. We have 27 standard colors and will  match any custom color or paint grade / type to meet any specification  or special requirements. We have several standard formulas to fit your  application and budget requirements.  

 AQUASTRIPE athletic field marking paint was formulated at USSC's R&D facility, headed by Earth conscious polymer chemists. AQUASTRIPE  is safe for the environment, the user and all types and varieties of  natural grass. It's a specially formulated water based formula that is  non-clogging, non-settling, has low odor, low VOC's, grades with ZERO  VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ).  

Paint Color Chart


Also available in 2.5 gallon cube

#1 Standard


#2 & 2B Select


#4 & 4B Premium




#10 Super Concetrate



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Aquastripe (pdf)