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DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

Field Tarps

Mound and Home Plate Covers

are constructed of 18 oz  vinyl. Available in 18', 20', 26' or 30' Diameter. Available colors:  dark green, black, red, and royal blue. Heat-sealed seams and reinforced  perimeters with brass grommets provide extra durability. Excellent to  use while watering the field. Easy-to-Install and Remove   

  • 12' Dia. Base/Youth Mound Tarp  #03124(?)  $226.00 
  • 18' Dia. Base/Small  Mound Tarp   #01934(?)  $375.00
  • 20' Dia.Full Size Mound Cover Tarp  #01935(?)  $420.00
  • 26' Dia. Full Size Home Plate Tarp  #01936(?)  $664.00
  • 30' Dia. Jumbo Home Plate Tarp  #01937(?)  $805.00

18 oz Vinyl Weighted Tarps

  •  18' Dia.  Pitching Mound Cover $459.00 
  • 20' Dia. Pitchers Mound Tarp Cover pitching mound covers home plate covers $539.00
  • 26' Dia. Home Plate Tarp $769.00
  • 30' Dia. Home Plate Tarp $909.00


Beacon Tarp Cart System



Designed to store and easily transport up to four area tarps and your Field Weights or tarp pins. Available in two models (with  Field Weights or tarp pin holders), the Tarp Cart System lets you  efficiently move tarps and supplies around your field. Tarps not included. 

Beacon Original "Tarp Cart"

 w/36  Field Weights  $979.00  (Shown)

w/Optional PinHolder & Fenders  $649.00

 Holds up to 4 area tarps along with your Field Weights or tarp pins

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Fits through standard door frames
  • Ships with both wheel barrow-style handles and with tow bar

Beacon Field Weight Sets


 No stakes, no sandbags, no errors. Field Weights are worth their weight  in ease. You fill one need and you’ve just filled another. Sandbags  break. Tarp Pins get lost. But 7lb  Beacon Field Weights are nearly  indestructible with an easy-carry handle. They not only secure tarps,  they’re perfect for adjusting field drags, too. Sold as sets of 4. 

Set of 4  $79.00

Pitching Mound Covers and Home Plate Covers

Infield Cover



  • Super strong and expertly designed
  • Super durable with the toughest of materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Pull handles installed on all corners & every 10' around perimeter
  • Handles are securely sewn with thick industrial UV thread onto 12 mil polyethylene (ultra-high tensile) stress transfer strip
  • Transfer strip panel is fusion welded to the chosen body fabric
  • Each handle is actually sewn onto two layers of cover fabric
  • Perimeter reinforced with 2" (6,000 lb. strength) seatbelt webbing
  • Webbing sewn to underside to protect from UV degradation
  • Exclusively packed - custom-built, forklift-resistant container
  • White top with silver bottom
  • Includes 100 sandbags (sand not included)
  • Does not include roller cover
  • Sizes: 90' x 90', 120' x 120', 160' x 160', 170' x 170'
  • Custom sizes available, call for a quote

Full Infield Cover

Full Infield Cover

Turf Blankets

FieldSaver® Growth Covers & Winter Turf Blankets



Experts Choose Our Dual Purpose Turf Covers

Greener, thicker grass, it’s incredible! Sports turf managers and  golf course superintendents agree that CoverSports’ winter turf blankets  and growth covers keep their turf healthy and protected.  Experience  the difference with our winter turf blanket that not only protects  against the harsh winters, but also work to keep your field healthy for  spring!

Shielding your turf from wind, ice, snow, frost & preventing unwanted foot and animal traffic