Portolite Mounds

OSM-2275 Indoor Full Wind-Up Pitcher's Mound $1,095.00


 10" high x 5' wide x 9' 6" long - 60 lbs (per section ) 

 Full body construction (no shell) allows pitcher's weight to transfer  directly to floor reducing mound sliding during practice. Level pivot  area in front of rubber promotes good balance. Cushioned landing reduces  knee and ankle strain. Large back area to practice pick off moves.  Simulated rubber will not wear down. Will not damage or scratch gym  floors. Great storage options. Two- piece Overlapping interlock design  facilitates moving and storage. Less than 60 pounds per section(2).  Storage requires: 63"x62"x15". All indoor applications require mound and  floor to be clean and dry. All products are manufactured with resilient  polyethylene foams and simulated rubber covering.  

Indoor 2250 / Outdoor 1150 Pro Practice Mound $949.00 / $1,049.00


 Great storage options. Less than 50 pounds per section. Occupies 13" x  18" x 56" of storage space. Two-piece design facilitates moving and  storage. Overlapping interlock design. Full body construction (no  shell). Allows pitchers weight to transfer directly to floor to reduce  mound sliding during pitching practice. Cushioned landing reduces knee  and ankle strain. Will not damage or scratch gym floors. Simulated  rubber will not wear down. Level pivot area in front of rubber to  promote good balance. All products are manufactured with resilient  polyethylene foams and simulated rubber covering. All indoor  applications require mound and floor to be clean and dry .  Indoor shown.  Outdoor same without turf.

6107 6" Full Length Game Mound $1,595.00


 6" high x 60" wide x 104" long - 100 lbs  

 The 6" Full Length Game Mound will feel comfortable to any pitcher 5' or  taller. Fully turfed with regulation rubber attached. Pitching from a  6" elevation will increase pitch control. Weight: about 120 lbs. Easy to  move and store. Simply place the mound at desired distance and rake  dirt to edges of mound. Ideal for ages 9 - 14 years.  

6672 6" Stride Off Game Mound $795.00


6" high x 53" wide x 63" long 50lbs.

Perfect for youthh leagues and park&rec.  Comfortable for pitchers 5' and taller

4468 4" Game Mound $575.00


 4" high x 46" wide x 48" long - 60 lbs  

 Designed for baseball games on multi-use softball fields. Set at desired  distance and rake around the edges. Ideal for 8 - 12 year olds.  

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Portolite Mound Brochure (pdf)


Portolite Large Mound Brochure (pdf)


True Pitch® Mound

Full Game Mound The True Pitch 318-G


 The True Pitch 318-G is an 18’ fiberglass pitching mound covered with  your choice of turf. The mound meets all NCAA requirements. It’s built  in three individual interlocking sections to allow for shipping,  portability and easy assembly. Three or four athletes can carry the  sections, and they fit easily on a small maintenance trailer. Several  turf options available. $Call for Price  

Game Mounds

True pitch 202-6


  • Model 600-G - Approved for Official Senior League  and Babe Ruth League Games. Designed for Senior Leagues and Babe Ruth.  10” high, 10’ wide, 12’6” long, 340 lbs. Covered with ASTROTURF®. Made  of Reinforced Fiberglass.    $4,220.00
  • Model 202-8  - Approved for Official Pony League Games. Pony League and 12-15.  Official Pony League Specifications. Covered with turf. 8″ Height, 8’1″  Wide, 10’1″ Long, 220 lbs. $3,400.00
  • Model 202-6  Approved for Official Bronco League and Dixie Youth Baseball Games.  Bronco League and 11-12. Official Pony League and Dixie Youth Baseball  Specifications. Covered with turf. 6″ Height, 8’1″ Wide, 10’1″ Long, 200  lbs.   $2,850.00  
  •  Model 302 Approved for Official Little League and  Bambino (Babe Ruth) Games. Official Little League Ages 9-12 years.  Bambino Division Ages 5-12. Covered with turf. 6″ High, 6’10″ Wide, 9’2″  Long, Approx. 180 lbs.   (shown in photo)  

Practice Mounds

Practice Mound True Pitch


  • Model 102 Original True Pitch®, Inc. indoor  training mound. 10” high, 6’8” wide, 9’2” long, 170 lbs. Teaches proper  footwork off the pitching rubber.   (shown) 
  • Model 1010  New regulation Bullpen and Practice mound. Indoor or Outdoor. 10" High,  5'10" Wide, 8'10" Long, Approx 165 lbs. Covered with turf.  $1,960.00
  • Model 402 Bob Feller Bullpen and Backyard Mound. 6” high, 4’ wide, 7’6” long, 80 lbs.m Top covered with ASTROTURF®  $1,150.00
  • Model 202-4 Ages 6-9 years. Covered with ASTROTURF® 4” High, 45” wide, 64” long, approx. 70 lbs.  $799.00

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