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DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.DH Athletics Your Source for all Athletic Field Supplies & Court Supplies.

Rakes - Field Rakes



 #56935  $65.00 Midwest Lute Rake 36"   

This lightweight, heavy-duty lute combines an  engineered head design with our strong wrap-around bracing and is  perfect for spreading gravel or for grading soil. We use a solid  aluminum plug in our head-to-handle connection, unlike the plastic or  wood plugs used in many other brands.

  • 36" (Width) High-Grade Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy Head  
  • 66" x 1-1/8" (Diameter)    
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle with 6" Green Non-Slip Vinyl Grip  
  • Wrap-Around Bracing  
  • Solid Aluminum Plug in the Head-to-Handle Connection

Field Rake


 #12036  $65.00  36" Highly recommended for professional use. Engineered to the  specifications of landscapers and professional baseball grounds crews,  the extended striking edge on this rake was designed specifically for  grading. Its rounded teeth offer smooth non-gouging raking action, while  its durable 66" powder-coated aluminum handle with vinyl grip and  strong wrap-around bracing take a real beating and yet still provide for  long-lasting, comfortable performance 

Double Play Grooming Rake


#12536  $75.00  The innovative Double Play Grooming Rake has long, sturdy landscaping  teeth on one side and short scarifier teeth on the other. This allows  for raking and grading wet infield mix (long teeth) as well as breaking  up compacted clay (short side). The 36" head is attached to a 66" heavy  duty, all-aluminum handle with wrap-around braces. 


  • Heavy-duty 66" handle with wrap around braces
  • 36" Wide head
  • Short scarifier teeth on one side, longer landscaping teeth on the other.

Screening Rake



#11036  $ 85.00  This Screening Rake is like getting two tools in one. One side has  jagged "S" teeth to efficiently catch stones and debri within the  infield material. The other side is flat with a lip to level after  screening. 


  • 36" head
  • Heavy-duty 60" long aluminum handle
  • Specially designed "S" teeth are ideal for sifting and screening stones and debris.
  • Other side of head has a small leveling edge

Loop Hoe



#42100  $35.00   The dual action hoe cuts unwanted grass and weeds by the roots with  minimal surface disruption. Remove large sections of unwanted greenery  in seconds, whether in dirt, clay, gravel, or mulch. The heavy-duty 6”  head has a steel blade with a double knife edge. Head is double-bolted  to a 60” aluminum handle for greater stability. Blade and head are both  replaceable.


  • Heavy-Duty 6” wide stamped steel head
  • Double knife edge for push/pull action
  • 60” Aluminum handle
  • Head and blade replaceable
  • Head is double-bolted to handle for stability
  • Weighs less than 3lb

Looking for more Rakes and Sizes

Most rakes will also be available in 24" and 48'' widths.  Contact us for additional pricing.